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Kid's Skating

So many families visit us each year because of our smaller rink. This rink is separate from the larger rink and perfect for children from the age of three. Our friendly penguin skating aids are always willing to help the little, and not so little ones keep their balance.

For Parents:
Please note that this rink is separate from our main rink. A dedicated team member is present at all times. Parents often ask what is the youngest age that can take to the ice - each child is different but generally we advise that children under 3 should not use the rink. If you have any doubt bring your child along a little early and show them the ice and see how they feel about it….before you buy a ticket!

Helmets and knee pads are available but feel free to bring your own. Wrap them up well, it gets quite cold, bring gloves and an extra pair of thick socks. Our smallest boot skate is a double bladed size 27, these go up to size 33.  We also have a skate that fits over the shoe and can be adjusted to small sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that each child will get a penguin, especially on busy sessions. We ask for your consideration and patience as we try our best to ensure that every child gets a chance to use the skating aids. 

We have a smaller rink available at our Cork, Blanchardstown, Mullingar and Waterford Ice rinks.

Choose, Use & Return: This season we're introducing a new scheme called choose, use and return. As we share our penguins during busy sessions, each child will receive a pengiun sticker upon returning their penguin aid after use. The aim of this is to offer a reward for their sharing.

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